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Measuring systems for composting

In the industrial composting the oxygen sensor MF-Oxy-Comp and the temperature sensor MF-Temp-Comp allow an optimum control of the decomposition processes.


MF Oxy Comp 225x100

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The oxygen sensor MF-Oxy-Comp (injection probe) reliably measures the concentration of oxygen in the compost and regulates the ventilation of the rotting material during the intensive composting phase by a downstream control and ventilation system, installed by the user.
Application: Composting
Measuring range: 0.1 - 25 vol% O2
MF Temp Comp 225x100

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The temperature sensor MF-Temp-Comp (insertion probe) determined with the help of five measurement points, the temperature profile of the compost.
Application: Composting
Measuring range: 0°C to +100°C


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