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Next Generation!
The new digital DS-System family

Technical characteristics

The new LogiDataTech DS systems are based on a digital system architecture that allows the user to adapt the devices specifically to his needs.

The networking of sensors, with tools and machines, as well as the associated evaluation around production processes, can be optimally solved with the DS components.

The DS-System-family consists of three elements, which are all modular. These are in detail:

  • the digital DS-Sensor Systems
  • the evaluation center DS-Monitor and
  • the Service Tube

Thanks to a specific electronic module, the sensor systems have their own intelligence. They are available in different variant, DS-Single or DS-Duo for the detection of one or two gases. The systems are characterized by a number of features. These include:

  • Application areas, environmental monitoring and process control
  • Self-monitoring
  • Modbus capability
  • Fast sensor replacement with easy replacement
  • Easy testing, calibration and configuration through the service tube

At the evaluation center DS-Monitor the information of the connected sensor modules are evaluated and corresponding actions take place based on a freely configurable set of rules. The sensors can not only be operated, like in the past in star configuration, but also in a bus configuration.
The Service Tube is used for commissioning, configuration, checking, and calibration of the DS system. It has various connection options and can also communicate with already existing LogiDataTech systems.

All components of the new DS - System family are software - technically networked and expandable in their functional requirements.

The hardware is also integrated in the software structure.


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