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Service from the experts

We offer an extensive range of products and services related to stationary gas detection systems.

Development Services - We develop your product

Our developing team, consists of specialists in electronics, software, sensors and creates customized solutions from concept to production.

We carry out for you the required approvals, such as EMC (Directive 2014/30/EU), Low Voltage (Directive 2006/95/EC), ATEX (Directive 2014/34/EU), metrological suitability (DIN EN 60079-29-1). We work together with accredited laboratories.

In our modern laboratory we can perform series of measurements with different gas concentrations, temperatures and humidities.

Our affiliated production then manufactures your exclusive product according to your design specifications.

Among our competences:

  • Development of products according to DIN EN 60079 ATEX (Equipment protection by pressure proof enclosures, equipment protection by increased safety and dust explosion protection)
  • Development of electrical devices for the detection and measurement of combustible gases, toxic gases or oxygen according to DIN EN 50271
  • Development of electrical equipment for the detection and measurement of toxic and combustible gases in underground garages and tunnels according to DIN EN 50545.

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Individualization - Our product with your logo

Do you want one of our products to be customized to your brand, eg with your logo or in your colors?

Our products and manufacturing processes are designed to deliver a product with excellent properties from 40 years of experience in gas detection technology combined with your company-specific features with little expenditure.

We also adapt our products technically to your requirements. Other target gases and different measuring ranges we can supply for you.

We offer the following services for customized products (OEM):

  • Customer-specific target gases and measuring ranges for sensors and Gas Detection Systems
  • Create custom front panels and nameplates
  • Individual housing with its own color scheme
  • Creation of customized instructions, technical datasheet, installation instructions and instruction leaflet
  • Customer specific spare parts and accessories
  • Employee and sales men training

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Contract Manufacturing - We manufacture the products we developed


Our advanced production manufactures components and products according to your needs. We offer all production steps to the highest quality standards.

The modern high-performance production line can manufacture prototypes in small batches, up to large volumes of own products as well customized series.

Complex projects can be realized from development, over prototyping, up to mass production and testing.

Our services include:

  • SMD placement with subsequent automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • Hand assembly of components
  • Electrical function testing
  • Calibration with gas, even in a climate chamber
  • Automatic, software-based testing of the modules
  • Final assembly and final inspection
  • Printing of manuals, installation instructions and instruction leaflet
  • Packaging and Shipping

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