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Depending on the application you need different measuring systems. If you do not know exactly which measuring system is the right one, then just chose the way over the gas to be detected or contact us.

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List of gases & vapors

Suitably matched to the gases and vapors to be detected, you will find the corresponding gas measuring system in our product range.

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Hydrogen monitoring

The role of hydrogen as an energy storage is increasingly important. With the increased penetration of renewable energies, hydrogen is used as a buffer to reconvert him later to energy in fuel cells or engines. In the generation and storage of an accurate and reliable hydrogen monitoring is necessary to detect possible leaks at an early stage and to fix them.

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Composting places very special demands on measuring systems. For an ideal composting measure both the oxygen and the temperature in the rotting.

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Air quality

The worse the air, or the higher the proportion of carbon dioxide in the air, the lower the concentration and performance of people. Timely recognition of the increase in carbon dioxide allows for early counteracting declining performance.

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The measurement of the residual oxygen content in the exhaust enables a process optimization and thus an optimal environmental protection.

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Sensors on mobile platforms

Application examples of our sensors in the mobile environment.

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