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Service Tube

Service easily done!

A central element of the LogiDataTech DS systems is a uniform, user-friendly service concept. This is controlled via the service tube. The service tube passes the user through

  • Commissioning,
  • Configuration,
  • Check,
  • and calibration of the DS system.

The data are read out, logged and can be assigned to the respective customer or project.

Thanks to its modular design, it is also prepared for future extensions. But also the Service Tube can communicate with already existing, analogue systems of LogiDataTech. This flexibility can be realized with different adapters, which are connected to the service tube via appropriate modules. All components of the digital systems provide a connection to the Service Tube.

The Service Tube is also the tool for configuring and commissioning the DS monitors. The software for this is installed on the Service Tube and can be configured by any laptop, tablet or smart phone and then transferred to the DS-Monitor via the Service Tube. During configuration, the service tube does not need to be connected to the DS-Monitor. This allows a comfortable "offline" configuration at the desk. It is also interesting to be able to save different configurations on the Service Tube.

Software updates of the DS monitor and measuring systems are also carried out via the Service Tube.

Hardware:DS ServiceTube

  • Embedded system
  • Wifi module for communication with operator terminal, browser-based (HTML5 and Java Script)
  • Accumulator about 8 hours of continuous use, charging via the included USB cable
  • Internal memory 16 GB
  • Modular design for connection to different systems / interfaces
  • Serial
  • RS-232


  • Service Tube
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter USBConnection cable to the service interface
  • transport box


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