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The sensor systemsDS Single EC V1 200x200

Modular design

The sensors are available in two variant.

  • DS-Single, suitable for equipping with one measuring technique
  • DS-Duo, suitable for fitting with two measuring techniques.

For this purpose, both systems have intelligent sensor modules and measuring techniques that are connected to specifically configured analysis modules:

  • Electro-chemical sensors
  • Infrared CO2 detectors
  • Temperature, pressure, humidity module
  • Pellistors and other measuring principles are in preparation.

The digital system architecture allows the user to customize the devices specifically to his needs.
The signal processing over the transmitter of the sensor module is extremely reliable, via a digital power interface (RS485) to the DS monitor. This allows optimal protection of your equipment. Here, both, the numbers of measuring points, as well as the length of the distances play a much smaller role. The electronics of the devices is self-monitored, the service tube facilitates commissioning, maintenance and calibration.
In addition to measuring techniques, the systems can also be extended or supplemented by optical and acoustic signal generators.


Areas of application include both, environmental monitoring, as well as process control in industrial applications. The networking of the sensors, with tools and machines, as well as the associated evaluation around production processes, can be optimally solved with the DS components.

Product benefits
The high flexibility of the DS system makes it easy to integrate into existing equipment, as well as to expand and remodel with changing needs. The systems are also very well suited for use as OEM products. The possibility of bus cabling requires significantly less cable.
The system is consistently geared to the needs of the customer. With the service tube it is possible to serve the entire product family. The modular digitization provides service data and thus also the possibilities of further electronic processing. For commissioning, diagnostics, significantly higher comfort. The integrated safety functions of the modules protect better against incorrect operation.

  • Self-monitoring measuring system
  • For large installations and long distances
  • Less wiring requiredDS Duo IR THP V1 200x200
  • No opening of the housing for the service
  • Digital: RS485 / Modbus RTU
  • Analog: 4-20 mA / 0-10V, relay
  • Easy installation, easy sensor replacement
  • Easier maintenance


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